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30 caliber suppressor






The FFL Transfer Fee is for non-NFA firearms transfers from another FFL. There is no up-charge for multiple firearms on the same 4473 unless the transfer requires the processing of an ATF Form 3310.4, (Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Pistols and Revolvers).
This is a separate $5 fee.

To request a transfer, please click here.


*This fee includes the required TN TICS Background Check which costs $10.

FFL Transfer Fee:  $30
*(Includes TN TICS background check)

suppressor interface







We are able to ship your firearms to another FFL, but will charge a $25 handling fee, plus actual shipping costs for the method of your choice.

*This fee is in addition to actual shipping costs incurred.

Firearm Shipment:  $25 handling fee
*(Plus actual shipping costs)
decorative bolt carriers







We have partnered with Peterson Farms Cerberus LiveScan to provide digital fingerprint services and streamlined eForm processing. When you purchase from us, will set you up with the .EFT you require for your eForm 4 filing.


This service Includes:


  • Digital Fingerprints

  • Digital Passport Photo

  • .EFT file

  • Eform 4 Filing Services

  • Storage of NFA item until approved Form 4


Complete ATF eForm Filing






This is for customers who only require a fingerprint .EFT file, and do not plan to use Longbow Arms to process ATF eForms for them.

The .EFT file will be provided to the customer via email, or a customer provided 'new in package' flash drive.

Digital Fingerprints:  $35
HUXWRX picture






This applies to customers who purchase an NFA item (silencer/suppressor, machine gun, short barreled rifle, short barreled shotgun) from another FFL/SOT and then transfers it to us for processing and storage.


This service includes the digital fingerprints .EFT file, passport photo, eForm 4 processing, and storage during during ATF processing.

To request a transfer, please click here.


*This fee does not apply if you purchase your NFA item through us or if you purchase through SilencerShop and have it shipped to us as the processing dealer.

NFA Transfer Fee:  $50*
muzzle device examples

Hours of Operation:

8:00 am – 4:59 pm

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