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About Us

We are Clarksville's NFA dealer South of the river.



Longbow Arms was established in the Fall of 2023 out of a desire to make suppressed shooting more attainable for the Clarksville and greater Tennessee shooting community.  Our founder, a retired U.S. Army Aviator and U.S. Air Force TACP, appreciates the value of preserving whatever hearing we have left and while many folks do shoot with hearing protection, there are times where it's simply not practical (e.g. hunting).  Furthermore, shooting suppressed has proven useful in teaching firearms fundamentals to new and younger shooters without the intimidation of the noise.  It's simply better for everyone involved. 


With that in mind, Longbow Arms has sought to clear up the confusion surrounding suppressor ownership as well as simplify the process itself.  To achieve that, we have teamed with a variety of manufacturers and industry partners to bring you the best options on the market all the while ensuring you are clear on what to expect.


Lastly, we believe in seeing before buying whenever possible.  That is why we maintain a variety of dealer DEMO suppressors in order to showcase the different baffle designs, suppressor brands, and attachment methods.  Our small outdoor range helps customers make the right purchase without just relying on the interwebs or seeing a suppressor in a glass cabinet.  You simply cannot tell the tone or level of suppression based upon a video.

Thanks again for considering Longbow Arms for your suppressor and firearms needs.  We hope to see you soon.

Hours of Operation:

8:00 am – 4:59 pm

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