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Welcome to

Longbow Arms

Established 2023

Clarksville, Tennessee







Longbow Arms exists to address the gap in the Title II (NFA) market for Clarksville, TN, with our focus set squarely on providing an efficient, personalized service to help you with the process of ownership.

We have a variety of DEMO suppressors and hosts on hand to help you select the right one and be pleased with your purchase.

Whether it's a Silencer/Suppressor, transferable machine gun, factory Short Barreled Rifle or other NFA item, we can help you find the right NFA item for your needs.

Our Mission







Along with Title II NFA sales, we can also assist you in Title I firearms transfers and sales, custom order parts and more!

What really sets us apart is our eForm processing.  We utilize Cerberus LiveScan by Peterson Farms to provide our customers with an efficient, error-free eFiling experience.  Most new customers can complete the entire process in 45 minutes or less with their eForm 4 completely submitted.  They do not have to wonder about their eForm status or wait in line for a third party to do their part.

We look forward to serving as your NFA dealer South of the River.   We'll see you soon!


Shall not be infringed

Hours of Operation:

8:00 am – 4:59 pm

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